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Personalized Medicine

At Lifespring, we work with our patients to develop personalized treatment plans. If two patients have the same type of cancer, odds are that the underlying gene mutations that drive their cancers are completely different. Over time, researchers have been able to identify certain mutations that can be targeted with specific drugs.

We can assess the mutant genes of a cancer with traditional gene sequencing tests that analyze biopsies or surgical specimens and also with new tests called “liquid biopsies.” These exciting new liquid biopsy tests measure the amount of mutant cancer cell DNA in the blood and avoid the need for painful biopsies. By performing a liquid biopsy test every few months, not only can we find potentially targetable mutations, we can also use the results to follow the mutations in the cancer as they change over time as well as offer information about the latest clinical trials that are relevant for each individual.

In addition to analyzing the genetics of each patient’s tumor, we work with Naturopathic Doctors, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, and acupuncturists to provide the best integrative oncology treatment and complementary therapies tailored to the needs of our patients.